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Warm, witty and just a wee bit warped, Linda Sharp is the internationally recognized author of Stretchmarks On My Sanity and the newly released Femail: A Comic Collision In Cyberspace.  She is also the columnist responsible for bringing a smile back to the faces of beleaguered parents around the globe.  

By weaving her special brand of humor with flat out honest portrayals of parenting and marriage, her work has found a home on nightstands on nearly every continent, and earned her the title of "The New Erma Bombeck".

Whether your goal is increased traffic for your website, readers for your print publications or laughter for your next function, Linda's unique candor and wit deliver.  

With her distinctive take on children, spouses and the world in general, Linda's global audience continues to grow daily.

As an editorialist, Linda's work has been read around the world and is often translated into additional languages.  Her serious work has garnered as much attention as has her funny bone.

March 2003 saw the beginning of a relationship with Al, a news website specifically for the countries of the Middle East.  The opportunity to reach the residents of these countries (in English and Arabic), especially given the current state of the world, has been humbling to say the least.  Linda, described by the editors of the site as a "voice of reason and concern", is embracing the opportunity to speak to the emotions, conditions and concerns that are universal to us all. 

Within this site you will find background information, an up-to-date media resume and details on how you can request Linda to speak at your next function.  You will also be able to enjoy some great sample articles showcasing both her irreverent sense of humor and her equally impressive ability to address serious current events head on in excerpts from her highly trafficked online blog, "Don't Get Me Started".  

So take a walk around the site and you too will discover why people around the world are talking about and can't get enough of . . . LINDA SHARP.

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