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Just how does one find themselves ascending the humor throne left behind by the venerable Erma Bombeck?  Well, to ask Linda Sharp, it starts by being deluded enough to walk into parenting thinking it will be a bed of roses ... or Pampers...and finding out that those Pampers have thorns!

Figuring that the whole parenting gig must be universal (basically that baby poop is baby poop, regardless of where the offending bottom is located), Linda began chronicling the tales from her everyday life.  Acceptance and Amens were immediate as parents the world over embraced her irreverent style, straight forward honesty and willingness to laugh at herself.

As an internationally published author and columnist her articles currently appear weekly to monthly at 28 websites.   She is also read in print publications around the globe from Singapore to New Zealand, from Maine to Malaysia, from Australia to South America and all points in between!

In 1999, she began recognizing the Internet's power to reach millions of parents, but also saw that the websites constructed for parents were seriously lacking in what they really needed.  Sure, you could find a cure for diaper rash and how to bounce a colicky baby, but what about how to LAUGH in the midst of a mudslide diaper or a spouse who was a louse around the house??  And so was born the award winning website, Sanity Central - A Time Out From Parenting!

Dedicated to the lighter side, Sanity Central was a hit from the first, well . . . hit.  Yahoo Internet Magazine quickly lauded the site as "New & Noteable" and heralded its "irreverence, wit and hilarity!" Combining a cast of made up experts - favorites include the 102 year old Parenting Expert Jerri Tawl and Consumer Advocate Emma Roid - and real life humorists, Sanity Central has become the favorite hangout of parents, grandparents nonparents and even college students around the world!

Now, one would think that writing for millions of readers and running a hugely popular website, while juggling three kids and a husband would keep Linda occupied, right?  Well, it was that whole Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) part that can be credited for the next branch in Linda's ever widening parenting tree.  After experiencing firsthand the isolation, loneliness and societal stigma of being a SAHM, and after counseling hundreds of other SAHMs around the world via email, Linda saw a real need for reform.  A firm believer that being a SAHM is the hardest job in the world, and not something to be ashamed of, she joined forces with graphic designer Todd Rivers to create the SAHM...And Proud Of It logo!  Boldly emblazoned on everything from T-shirts and mousepads to coffee cups and tote bags, even greeting cards and clocks, SAHMs everywhere now proudly display their SAHM pride.

As a speaker, Linda combines her unique "way with words" and stand up comedian abilities (what do you expect from a Theater Major?) to keep an audience laughing from start to finish.   She is in demand as a speaker in the school systems where teachers rave about how she manages to weave comedy with education, exciting children of all ages and inspiring them to become better writers.

Linda makes regular television appearances, and is every talk show producer's dream guest - SHE CAN TALK!  Whether the topic is serious or flat out funny, dead air is never a worry.  Linda has been a frequent guest on programs such as Good Morning Central Oregon,  Good Day Oregon, AM Northwest and the like.  Radio appearances have included regular guest stints on Wall Street Journal Radio Network's Work & Family program and contributor to BBC News Radio's World Talk program.

As co-contributor to the heart warming and helpful book, Mommy Magic - 450 Ways To Nurture Your Child, Linda offered her unique experiences, insights and of course, HUMOR to the parenting landscape.  She further indulges readers with her contributions in Misadventures of Moms & Disasters of Dads, as well as The Mommyhood Diaries.

With the release of the highly acclaimed Stretchmarks On My Sanity - The Growing Pains of Raising a Family, Linda firmly established herself as a humor force to be reckoned with and has earned reviews touting her as "the new Erma Bombeck"!  The widely anticipated, hilarious parenting  follow-up, Hemmorhoids On My Soul - Child Rearing Is More Than A Pain In The ... is due 2007.

Linda's latest labor of laughter is the comic tour de force, Femail - A Comic Collision In Cyberspace, co-authored with Shana McLean Moore.  Written in email format, it is at once wickedly voyeuristic and laugh-out-loud-till-the-tears-ruin-your-mascara funny.

Her current projects include three new books and a screenplay--guaranteed to bring you even more laughs!  

A blissfully married, mother of three, Linda subscribes to the theory that, "In order to not take leave of her senses, a mother must occasionally take leave of her family." (Yes, she wrote the theory, but she subscribes to it nonetheless!)

She may be reached via email at: lsharp03@aol.com

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