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Writing regularly on the joyous and frustrating worlds of parenting and marriage, Linda Sharp leaves no stretchmark unturned!  Enjoy these samples of her humor.  All work is owned and copyrighted by Linda M. Sharp.  Requests for reprints are appreciated and may be made directly to Mrs. Sharp.

God's Won't - When God is not responsible for our actions, yet somehow gets all the blame and/or fame.

Down On The Farm - Her three little pigs may actually be daughters and her John Deere is a minivan, but make no mistake, a Mom's job has more in common with a farmer than you know!

Husbandsickness, Or Sick of My Husband? - Ask any wife . . . she would rather have three vomiting children and a dog with diarrhea than have her husband come down with the sniffles!

A True Connoisseur - A sommelier may be able to discern between a vintage Cabernet and a skunky glass of Thunderbird, but only a parent may attain the ranks of doo-doolier - sniff, sniff -- I do believe I smell corn...

Liar, Liar... - Eventually the day will come when I will be ratted out by the playground set, until then I shall enjoy every second of cunning and deceit as The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus!

Admiring The Cirque du Soleil - Think those 100 situps and 4 miles on the treadmill are impressive?  HA!

Driving Miss Crazy - Getting behind the wheel is no longer a privilege, it is a punishment. The walk towards the garage, The Green Mile. Strapping myself in is akin to the electric chair, only I will not be shocked with voltage, but with the non stop shrieks of my children.

It Takes A Village (Idiot) To Raise A Child Just Ask My Kids - ...if I am the village idiot, my husband must certainly be the district dolt, colony cuckoo, hamlet half-wit or borough buffoon. (Get the feeling I am enjoying naming him?)

Talking With Your Kids About The Terror In Terrorism - This article was written in the early hours following the terror attacks of 9/11.  It was published across the web and embraced by parents facing the most difficult parenting moments of their lives.  While the references are to 9/11, the article remains relevant in light of the world's potential for war and continued attacks.

Would You Like Fries With Your Lawsuit? - So, now people want to sue McDonald's for making them fat?  I believe they have supersized their stupidity.

Night Moves - Forget scientific studies on Mars, carbs vs protein, or the sex life of the gnute.  What Linda really wants is for someone to determine what exactly happens when her children decide to make their Night Moves.

Clothes Minded - I remember when I first made the connection between what I wore and how I felt. It was middle school, 7th grade. Boys had taken on a more intriguing quality, and although I was not "advanced" in the maturity stakes, I did understand the need to appear beguiling in order to turn a head...

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