Cheney Drops A Bomb

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Cheney Drops A Bomb

This past week saw more bombs going off around the world. Safe houses targeted in Fallujah, car bombs in front of Iraqi police stations, a bus bomb and others in Turkey and an F Bomb right here in Washington, DC.

Oddly, despite the profane loss of life, destruction of property and continued chaos caused by the ammunition based variety, it is the F Bomb - the Grandaddy of all profanity that has garnered the most media attention.

Because it was detonated by Vice President Cheney.

Yes, thatís right, Dick pulled the pin and let one fly at Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor. And oh the fallout.

Of course the media, which has proven itself to be more sensationalist than substance of late, made so much ado you would think the Vice President created the f***ing word.

Criticism came hot and heavy from sanctimonious groups whose members have never been hot and heavy in their lives. And the politicians who were in attendance for the actual bombing ran straight towards CNN to express their umbrage, indignation and disappointment over Cheney and his use of "such language on the floor of the Senate".

Puh-leez. These are the same politicians who have done everything but f*** on the floor of the Senate.

Cheneyís reaction to the fuss? "Yes, I said it." and "No regrets."

F***ing A! You go Dick! Finally a politician who acts like a human being. No spinning, no back peddling, no public apology. He said it, he meant it, now f*** off.

I even applaud his reason for bombing Leahy. The Senator has done nothing lately but publicly criticize Cheney over Halliburton and continually challenge his integrity. That in itself is expected in politics, and the public certainly doesnít even blink anymore. But then, Leahy tried to turn right around and act like best buds, like nothing was wrong when he was around the Vice President.

Given my low tolerance for BS and disdain for all individuals who sport two faces, I would have dropped the F Bomb too, along with other assorted "schrapnel".

I may not agree with all politics. I may not support every decision being made in the White House. I may even question our need to have ever began shooting in Iraq to begin with. But this is one bomb that gets my vote.

And if you donít like it? Go f*** yourself.

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