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Sex may take place in The City, but there's plenty of sass in the suburbs. While Linda Sharp and Shana Moore might cop to being housewives, these gals are far from desperate. Rather than finding their thrills with a pool boy, Sharp and Moore delight in taking the head-splitting struggles all women experience, and making you laugh until your sides have busted their seams. 

Linda and Shana tell it like you've experienced it...only this time around it's funny. Their flat out honest portrayals of PMS and unearned sweat; puppies and grown women who piddle; sagging breasts and husbands who often act like boobs, will leave you smiling, and feeling less alone in your leaky rowboat.


Femail: A Comic Collision In Cyberspace is receiving rave reviews from editors to authors to every femail in between!  And once you read it, we guarantee you'll turn into that old shampoo commercial where, "I'll tell someone, and they'll tell someone..." and on and on and on!

"What a clever combination of correspondence and personal essays! Both writers are immensely talented, and I enjoyed their topics of conversaton, covering everything from dinner nightmares to plastic surgery. Their growing relationship provides a clear narrative trajectory, and rarely has a burgeoning friendship been so much fun to follow." -- Tracy Behar, Editor, Little, Brown Publishers

"I dare you to find even one page of this wonderful book that doesn't make you laugh. Linda and Shana are hysterical squared! And I mean that in a good way... their musings made me smile, snort, and shout, 'Exactly right!'"—Debra Garfinkle, author of Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl (Putnam, 2005)

"Femail got me laughing out loud! It's a celebration of friendship that's at once irreverent, feisty and heartfelt."—Alison van Diggelen, founder & editor of Silicon Mom

“Moore and Sharp unite tongue and cheek for a hilarious, witty, sometimes frumpy, sometimes sexy romp through the daily challenges and universal nuances of motherhood in the twenty-first century.” – Kymberli Brady, author of The Sleepy Little Star and Give Them Wings and Let Them Fly

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Femail: A Comic Collision In Cyberspace 
finally, two ladies who tell it like it is - and IT has never been funnier!