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"Linda brings out the best in motherhood...even if that means recommending hiding from the children in the closet with a pint of Ben & Jerry's." ~~ Ken Swarner, Syndicated Columnist and Author of Whose Kids Are These Anyway? True Confessions of a Family Man (Penguin/Putnam, May 2003)

"The world of parenting and family literature is awash with serious, cautionary, self-important drivel... and guess what? The baby pukes on your good shirt anyway. Fortunately, we have Linda Sharp, whose writing reminds us that laughter is a symptom of happiness, and that happy people make better families. Take it from Linda, the world is full of comic elements... including ourselves." ~~ Todd Rivers, Author/Columnist, HomeDaddy: Little White Lies and Other Tales From The Crib (Pushpull Press, Sept. 2003)

"Linda has a humorous and creative writing style that our readers can really relate to. By touching on the realistic side of family life and raising children, Linda turns every day activities into funny and interesting parodies! I recommend the use of her column to spice up any periodical."  ~~Corinne Garcia, Editor--Explore! Magazine, Montana

"In a previous life (prior to becoming a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom), I worked in the entertainment industry, including four years as a production assistant on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The majority of my time there was spent typing pages and pages of jokes churned out daily by Johnny's staff of ten professional comedy writers. When you are exposed to that much humor on an ongoing basis, you build up a kind of immunity. You read or hear something comedic, nod your head and murmur "oh, that's funny." By the time I left Mr. Carson's employ, the best I could muster was a wan sense of amusement. 

Which is why I love Linda Sharp's writing. Her essays make me laugh out loud. I sometimes even find myself chuckling during the day as I think of something I read earlier. I've shared her column with other working women turned domestic goddesses and they agree -- Linda catches the absurdities of being a wife and mommy in the 21st Century, with grace -- and a large dollop of humor." ~~ Donna Schwartz, Publisher/Owner,

"When most writers tell you they’re book authors, public speakers, and have an international audience, they don’t tell you it’s because they made three dozen photocopies of their manuscript and gave it to friends, proposed a toast at a friend’s wedding, and count their cousin in Canada as their international reader.

Not Linda Sharp. She’s the real deal.

Looking at her resume is enough to make any aspiring writer hide under the covers until the waves of self-pity subside. It’s no wonder. The list of Linda’s accomplishments, publications, and appearances could choke a horse. But she’s been able to do it all for one very good
reason: she’s just that good.

As a fellow humor writer, I love Linda’s approach to parenting and relationships. She has truly earned the reputation as the next Erma Bombeck.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be under my covers until March." ~~ Erik Deckers, weekly humor columnist: Laughing Stalk, award-winning radio theater playwright, and public speaker

"Linda Sharp has a perspective on life that's fantastically unique. I love to read her latest views on the all the happenings in her particular corner of the world from her kids to marriage to current events to hot topics. It’s always fresh and refreshing!" ~~ Michele Sbrana, Because I SAID So! Columnist

“What I love about Linda’s work is how responsive it is to the news, the moment, the seasons. No sooner has a thought zipped through my head, than Linda’s pinned the same idea down for me to look – and laugh -- at. It’s like she’s doing stand-up comedy, but she’s doing it on the page.” ~~ Jennie Nash, author of The Victoria’s Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming and Other Lessons I Learned From Breast Cancer, and Raising a Reader: A Mother’s Tale of Desperation and Delight

“Linda Sharp is a powerhouse of parenting insight, illuminating the dark corners of our frazzled mommy minds with humor. If you’ve ever thought it, Sharp has written it. If you’re feeling the need for a support group, try reading Sharp first.” ~~ Lisa Naeger Shea, Notes From The Tub, International Columnist

"With skillfully crafted words, Linda Sharp paints a humorous and insightful view of any Stay At Home Mother’s life. Her humorous anecdotes and stories are a joy to illustrate." ~~ Todd Rivers, Illustrator, Stretchmarks On My Sanity

Linda Sharp's work combines wit with humor with intelligence and a large pinch of maternal experience thrown in. I always know when her writing falls into my inbox that I'm going to get a laugh and learn something about the world, all at the same time! She's added a lot to my site through her talent! ~~ Mia Cronan, Publisher,

"Just when you feel like you're the only one going through what your going through...along comes Linda Sharp. Not only can she relate, but she'll make you laugh at the things you never knew were funny.  She puts puts the laugh in laughter, the fun in funny and the kid in us all." -- Susan Sierra, host of internationally syndicated radio show, APPARENTLY, with Susan Sierra.

"Break out the Kleenex before you start reading Stretchmarks On My Sanity.  You'll be laughing yourself to tears in no time!  With spot on depictions of the universality of parenting, Linda Sharp finds the humor in everything from mud slide diapers to her husband's holey underwear.  Every parent will see their lives in each anecdote.  Not since The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank by Erma Bombeck, has a writer so perfectly captured what it is to raise children." -- Review Excerpt, Rosie Magazine 

“Every woman needs a best friend - someone who can relate to her issues, laugh when times get rough, and rejoice when things run smoothly. With “Stretchmarks On My Sanity”, every woman has a new best friend in the author, Linda Sharp. Mrs. Sharp has penned a winner with her witty observations of family life, parenting, and marriage. Her comical declarations of familial angst will ring true for anyone with a sense of humour about the ups and downs of life as a woman, a mother, and/or a wife.”

“While reading through this delightful book, I found myself in just about every chapter, which appears to be the attraction of Mrs. Sharp’s writing. In typical “Erma Bombeck-esque” style, she delivers one liners with the sharp timing of a stand-up comedian, all the while putting the reader at ease by intimating that we all endure the same trial-and-error joys and triumphs in our feminine lives.”

“I recommend this book be given as a gift to your sister, your mother, your best friend…and to yourself! It is an absolute treasure, and I look forward with great anticipation to Mrs. Sharp’s next book of humourous insights.” -- Julie Donner Anderson, Author “PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense! Insights From One Woman’s Journey As The Wife Of A Widower” (Weyant Press, Inc.), available at and

"Not since the irreverent Erma Bombeck has someone so genuinely and hilariously reflected the life of a wife and mother!"

"The throne left empty by the passing of Ms. Bombeck has been filled. The new Queen of Humor is Linda Sharp!" ~~Kristi Miller, Host, Good Morning Central Oregon Talk Show

"If you were a fan of the late Erma Bombeck, you will fall in love with the hysterical writings of Linda Sharp." ~~Parenthood Magazine, Malaysia

"I took the book home for the weekend to prepare for the interview, and could not get it away from my wife! Bombeck-esque humor at its finest!"~~Andy Carson, Co-host, Good Day Oregon talk show

"Linda's philosophy is that life might be full of cactus, but that doesn't mean you have to sit on it. She's been there and done that; she knows life isn't easy; but that doesn't stop her from finding the laughter in it. Her work brings a smile to my face every time I read it." ~~ Sue Dickerson, Editor,

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